6AP/KI6AP/KI3MP Thermal Protector

6AP/KI6AP/KI3MP Thermal Protector

Product Name6AP/KI6AP/KI3MP Thermal Protector


Product Description

KI6AP/KI3MP is a thermal protector which able to protect current and temperature at the same time. It can control the current overflow and surge curnent precisely to avoid damage to the motor.
Small in size, Longevity, and reliable
Use good current conductive bimetal to make sure it can sustain the normal circulate current requirement
The combination of bimetal and fuse make a fast tripping
Precise tripping time, avoid the motor temperature to get overheated
Contain dual functionality which is it can based on current & temperature to react.
Every component had been certify by ROHS from Europe and environmental protection standard
A variety of terminal to choose from, terminal in one end (KI6AP-A), or terminal in both end (KI6AP-B)
Can base on customer request customize
Applicable Scope
Car windows motor, skylight windows motor, antenna motor
Wiper motor, automatic gate motor, regulator  motor
Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, gardening accessories

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