Diamond Thermal TP1

Diamond Thermal TP1

Product NameDiamond Thermal TP1


Product Description

The TP1 series of thermal protector is designed to install inside a motor or on a motor, to prevent the motor from overheat when running or start to malfunction cause by overheating of the automatic controller. The controller bearing motor, motor temperature, current sensitive, or only sensitive to temperature. Therefore the protector can also be used as a thermal cut-off device, use in household, and similar electrical appliances product to prevent overheating on the electrical equipment, avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
Overheat protection function ensures the motor power output rated the power under the condition without causing thermal protection system trip. In the motor thermal overload with slow variation (such as stability overload) and fast changes (thermal overload stall) and tripping, a protection component does not reach the subsequent use harmful temperature, while the motor winding temperature does not exceed the maximum temperature limit. When used in household and similar electrical appliances, ensure the protection of the component on highest temperature does not exceed the maximum limit.
Applicable Scope

This series of products can apply to motor, household and similar electrical appliance, general electrical equipment, and overheating protection. For example: air-conditional fan motor, washing machine motor, range hood motor, transformer, ballast for florescent lamp, induction cooker, microwave oven, etc.

Using scope
Applies to the fractional electric motor, coils, liquid pumps, fluorescent ballast, the washer electrical machinery, the air conditioner electrical machinery, the transformer, the illumination lamps and lanterns, the automobile electrical machinery and similar household electrical appliances for temperature control and overheat protector.

Best seller point
Diamond shape, small size, easy for installation.
Good pressure resistance and high switching capacity
Rapid response to high-sensitive temperature and current

Key Technical Parameters:
Rated voltage: 50/60HZ, 250V, AC
Nominal current: 2.5 (1.6) A,/10 (6.3) A COS =1.0 (0.6)
Rated opening temperature range: +60 ~+160 , take 5 as a grade
Resetting temperature range: lower than the open temperature 3015K

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