Small Size Thermal KI66/KI67 Series

Small Size Thermal KI66/KI67 Series

Product NameSmall Size Thermal KI66/KI67 Series


Product Description

KI66/67 series of thermal protector are widely used in electric motors for industrial, household appliance & other electric equipment. The KI66/67 series can effectively and reliably guard against that damage cause by overflow and overheat. The shell is made from heat resistant and heat conductive PBT engineering plastic. The product is applicable on externally installed plastic sealed motors and household electric appliance. The shell of enhance type is applicable on internally install plastic sealed motors and capable of tolerating the 3.5Mpa technical pressure for plastic molding.
Structure And Protection Principle

KI66/67 thermal protector is compose by neat conductive metal shell, bimetal component welded silver alloy through current conductive frame, insulated fixing seat, static contact pad, heat resistant wire, etc. When the current goes through the bimetal component with impedance, if the current increase or environment temperature rises and the temperature reaches the preset value, the bimetal component will work and release the contact to shut off the circuit, and by contrast, if the device cool down to the safe temperature, the contact point will reset automatically.

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