KSD301/KI31 Thermal Protector

KSD301/KI31 Thermal Protector

Product NameKSD301/KI31 Thermal Protector


Product Description

KI31&KSD301 series snap-action thermostat is a small size bimetal thermostat with a metal cap which belongs to thermal relays' family. The principle is one function of bimetal discs is snap action under the change of the temperature. The snap action of the disc can push the action of the contact through the structure inside, then cause on or off on the circuit. The main characteristic are the fixation on working temperature, reliability of the snap-action, less flashover and long life span.
Applicable Scope
Household Appliances:
Coffee maker, water pot, soymilk machine, water dispenser, rice cooker, Vacumn cleaner ,heater, toast maker, steam gun, steam iron, paper cuter, shredder, laminator, etc.
Heavy Machine & Other Facilities:

Bullet train, military machine, aerospace, medical facilities, mower, electric chainsaw, etc.

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